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Kervine MC

Delivery could be a bit quicker but i got what i paid for.
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James E, Atlanta,GA

Best Cocaine i ever had. Just the best. Keep up guys. But delivery is a bit slow. You said 3 days but it took a week.

I placed an order and everything went through to in turn receive an email stating that I needed to pay $155 for insurance on my package that is being delivered in the USA. Which I did. I am just Happy I received what I paid for. But you should tell customers that they might have to pay for insurance

Antonio, Italy

i love this site cus it makes me know more about the drugs i consume

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“First, I’m not one of those that gives “everyone a 5″ kinda guy, nope that’s not me. I’m literally known as The Grinch at work with a pic on my door and everything so here goes with my first EVER 5 star rating on ANYTHING. THE FARM – Best retail place ANYWHERE. Best service, great selection and outstanding product. They clearly explain everything (pros and cons) of your selection and will make suggestions if you ask. They make it easier to ask the dumb question without making you feel dumb. THE FARM has won my support for life! Thanks to the team for helping with a very difficult concern. You guys made it easier than I EVER could have imagined! Thank you.”

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